Eight Lessons I Learned in the Cosplay Industry 2015

Have a Standard, Rule, Code Set some guidelines for yourself and others, and live by them. It could be as simple as Not Working with a Group, or Never Shoot the Same Cosplay Twice, or Do Not Work For Free. Whatever it is, it should be something that you uphold. The reason behind this is so you don’t feel like you are hurting someone or allowing others to take advantage of you. It also lets you focus on what you like to do. Hungry Hungry Hypocrite There are so many hypocrite out there, whether they realize it or not. However, there is no point on calling them out on it. Sometimes people change and then they realize their perspectives are different now. It is important to keep in mind who th

[BTS] Pfeiffer Beach

This shot, as you can guessed, is an HDR image. Meaning it is a composite image that i created with 9 different shots. I didn't bring a tripod that day because I didn't expect to be shooting a landscape HDR that day, and I wasn't driving my car which usually has all my gears. But I did bring my landscape lens, 16-35mm f/4.0. To prepare for this shot, I used an NDR filter to make the sky even darker. Since I am shooting at direct sunlight, even shooting at F/22 and ISO 31 wasn’t enough. I also used a release cable, it serves two functions: [if !supportLists]1. [endif]Extend the exposure time. [if !supportLists]2. [endif]Avoid the camera shake from pressing the button (Another way to do

7 Photographer Must-Do Checklist before Traveling to a Convention

Charge your batteries Always charge your batteries before traveling so you don’t end up attending your event late because you are stuck in the hotel charging your batteries. Make sure you bring your chargers too. Change the Time/Date Setting in Your Camera If you are traveling to a different time zone, change the camera’s time/date setting to match your destination location. Empty and Pack Your Memory Cards Memory cards are your ammo, you won’t be shooting anything without your memory cards. Find Fitting Lightstands and Equipment Double check if your equipment can fit into your suitcase, especially if you are using new equipment that you haven't traveled with before. Researches the Character

5 Tips and Tricks for Getting the Perfect Cosplay Shot

Focus on the Eyes Many say that the eyes are windows to the soul, even though that might not always be true, it is definitely an attention grabbing feature. In many cases, cosplayers are wearing some wicked contact lens, and they will definitely make their eyes pop. Research Your Location Doing researches on your cosplay character is very important, especially if you can find the perfect location for the character. One major focus is the time frame of the character’s story, a historical cosplay character in a modern setting would seem very out of place. A fitting location not only gives you the right environment, but it also helps paint the story. Feeling! Feeling! Feeling! If you can evoke

The Importance of Cropping

Cropping can make a huge difference in your photography. You can easily turn a boring or crowded picture into a very interesting photo that draw attention to a particular subject. In fact, most of my portrait photoshoots are conducted at very ugly places, but with strategic cropping, I made the focus on my subject. Here’s an example of a hallway photo I took at the Los Angeles convention center. There was a lot of people walking around but this Stormtrooper family really stood out for me. I took the picture in a rush and only took horizontal (landscape) photos as they stopped for a minute. The other people were definitely very distractive, however, cropping solved the situation. Not only it

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