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The Cosplay Photography Mentorship is a two parts program that includes a 90-minute online workshop with Martin Wong + Q&A Session and an invite to a private Discord channel for Martin Wong's student only.


The next online workshop will be TBD.



This Series 1 course will cover:

  • Intro to Cosplay Photography

    • Martin Wong's Cosplay Photography

    • Significant of Cosplay Photography

  • Cosplayer X Photographer Relationship

    • "Industry Standard"

    • How to Work with More Cosplayers

    • Paid Photography

    • Print Rights

  • Photography Terminology

    • Exposure Triangle

      • Understanding ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture

    • Full Frame vs Crop Sensor

  • Gear

    • What's In My Camera Bag

    • Wide Angle vs Telephoto

    • Zoom Lens vs Prime Lens

    • Shooting with Limited Gear

  • Lighting

    • Ambient vs Artificial Lighting

    • Lighting Tips Under Various Conditions

  • Flashes

    • Creative Use with Different Number of Flashes

    • Flash Equipment

    • Color Gels

  • Posing & Expression

    • Directing Models

    • Expression Guide

    • Angles

  • Composition

    • General Rules

    • Focusing

  • Location Photoshoot

    • Shooting at convention vs out of convention

    • Hallway Shots

    • Convention Shooting Tips

  • Q&A Session


Please join my Discord channel ( and provide me your Discord username in the note section when you order and I will assign you the Student role after the workshop.



I could feel and see by Martin's perspective, the class cleared my vision and helped me to have a more professional look at cosplay photography.


As a long time fan of Martins work, it’s great to get tips and critiques from him. While I’ve been a photographer for quite some time, Cosplay photography is a unique style that Martin is the absolute expert in.


I’ve so far been doing photography for about 6 months and have been learning as I go, accompanied by all of the fun rookie mistakes. Martin is full of knowledge and advice that has helped me get a started a feel confident about what I’m doing.

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