IG Tip: Create Photo Collage In Instagram Stories

[Sorry to be so quiet, I didn't want to talk in full volume at the airport lounge]

Here's a quick trick on Instagram to help you make a collage for your IG stories without using any third-party app!


1. Choose your background: A. An existing photo/video. B. Take a photo. C. Paint a new background.

2. Open your Photo app and choose a photo that you want to add to the collage

3. Click on the Share button and click copy

4. Go back to IG and click on any empty area to use the typing tool

5. Click on the text cursor and paste the photo

6. Repeat

You can resize and move the photos however you want as well!

The one I made in this video was on my IG, it's gone by now, but you can check out more of my photos on https://instagram.com/martinwongphoto