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5 Tips and Tricks for Getting the Perfect Cosplay Shot

Focus on the Eyes

Many say that the eyes are windows to the soul, even though that might not always be true, it is definitely an attention grabbing feature. In many cases, cosplayers are wearing some wicked contact lens, and they will definitely make their eyes pop.

  1. Research Your Location

Doing researches on your cosplay character is very important, especially if you can find the perfect location for the character. One major focus is the time frame of the character’s story, a historical cosplay character in a modern setting would seem very out of place. A fitting location not only gives you the right environment, but it also helps paint the story.

  1. Feeling! Feeling! Feeling!

If you can evoke emotions in your photos, you would able to build a stronger connection with your audience. Many times, you can relate the characters and their backstories with real life experience. Try using those emotional related words (happy, excited, anger, etc) when brainstorming your photoshoot.

  1. Be Selective

It is not always necessary to capture the entire costume, especially since many cosplays are very recognizable characters. Be selective of what you want to show in your final image and focus on making a better composition. Understanding your equipment and choosing the desired lens can definitely help for getting the right shot.

  1. Shoot with Post Production In Mind

One of the most important aspects of shooting cosplay is to have a strong concept in mind when going into the photoshoot. We are limited by many factors when shooting cosplay. However, with digital photo editing technology, we can overcome many of these limits.

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