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7 Photographer Must-Do Checklist before Traveling to a Convention

  1. Charge your batteries

Always charge your batteries before traveling so you don’t end up attending your event late because you are stuck in the hotel charging your batteries. Make sure you bring your chargers too.

  1. Change the Time/Date Setting in Your Camera

If you are traveling to a different time zone, change the camera’s time/date setting to match your destination location.

  1. Empty and Pack Your Memory Cards

Memory cards are your ammo, you won’t be shooting anything without your memory cards.

  1. Find Fitting Lightstands and Equipment

Double check if your equipment can fit into your suitcase, especially if you are using new equipment that you haven't traveled with before.

  1. Researches the Characters

If you already know what you will be shooting, it is ideal to research the characters before your photoshoot. You can also communicate with your model to see if there are specific shots that you two want to achieve. Bonus: Download the movie/anime/show/manga/game into your portable device so you can go through them again during your travel.

  1. Bring the Right Lens

Different type of photography requires different lens. I wouldn’t expect one lens to do it all. My personal favorite lens for landscape right now is my 16-35 f/4, but I wouldn’t use the same lens for my portrait photography.

  1. Prepare Business Cards

Have plenty of business cards before attending any event, not only it helps to let people know who you are, but it is also a good way initiate a contact exchange with other people.

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