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7 Gifts For Photographers on Amazon

It's the holiday seasons and you have photographer friends, it sucks, because you have no idea what to get them for holiday gifts. But no worries, I got you covered! I have gone through Amazon today to help you find the perfect gifts for your photographer buddies. And if you are doing last minute shopping, you can use Amazon prime for those two days shipping!

1. Lens Mug:

2. Atmosphere Aerosol:

3. Photoshop Subscription:

4. LED Light:

5. Portable Batteries:

6A. Prism:

6B. Lensball:

7. Lens Wipes:

Amazon Gift Card:

B&H Gift Card:

Martin Wong Photoshop Actions


~Gear I Use~

Camera - Nikon Z7:

Lens - Nikon 35mm Z Mount:

Lens - Nikon 105mm:

Lens - Nikon 16-35mm:

Lens - Nikon 70-200mm:

Light - Elgato Key Light:

Light - Aputure LS C120D II:

Light Modifier - Aputure Light Dome Mini II-

Memory - Sony XQD:

Phone - Razer Phone 2:

Phone - Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max:

Flash Drive - Kingston 2 TB:

Laptop - Razer Blade 15:


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