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Little Conventions - 4K Tilt Shift Time Lapse

I was going to do this secret project for the whole year and then release the video at the end of the year, unfortunately that won't be the case anymore. For the longest time, I want to make a tilt-shift video of all the events that I go to, especially the ones with cosplay because I thought it would be super neat to see cosplayers looking like miniature figures from their favorite anime and games. Well, at least I got three conventions worth of footage before the pandemic happen, so enjoy~


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~Gear I Use~

Camera - Nikon Z7:

Camera - Nikon Z6:

Camera - Nikon Z50:

Camera - Nikon Z fc:

Camera - insta360:

Lens - Nikon 35mm Z:

Lens - Nikon 50mm Z:

Lens - Nikon 105mm:

Gimbal - DJI RSC 2:

Light - Elgato Key Light:

Light - Aputure LS C120D II:

Lightstand - Manfrotto Master Stand:

Memory - Kingston SDXC:

Memory - Manfrotto CF Express:

Phone - Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max:

Laptop - Asus ROG Flow X13:

Laptop - Razer Blade 15:

Drone - DJI FPV:


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