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Martin Wong Photo Presets - City Nightscape

Martin Wong Photo Presets - City Nightscape

Enjoy these 26 beautiful city nightscape presets, and transform your photos with just a click. Whether you are shooting with your camera or smartphone, you can use these presets on mobile and on desktop.

  • 26 different unique presets

  • Easy install with instructions

  • Compatible with Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Works on RAW & JPEG Images

  • Use with Mac, PC, Android, & iOS

  • Presets auto-sync between desktop & mobile


Still not sure? Download the free version here!

  • Licensee agrees that all Files purchased and downloaded from are only for personal use.


    Licensee agrees that purchased and downloaded Files are NOT permitted for Resale or Commercial Use.

  • Import presets into Adobe Lightroom CC

    1.Open the Presets panel by clicking the Presets icon at the bottom of the Edit panel.
    Then click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the Presets panel, and choose Import Presets. 
    [Alternatively, you can import presets from the Menu bar by choosing File > Import Profiles & Presets.]

    2. In your Finder (MacOS) or Explorer window (Windows), navigate to the preset zip. 
    [You can select and import the ZIP file of presets into Lightroom without unzipping them.]

    3. Click the Import button in your Finder or Explorer window. 
    You now see the imported presets in the Presets panel. 

    Note: Any preset that you import into Lightroom on a computer automatically syncs to Lightroom on your mobile devices too, 
    so you can apply the same presets to photos no matter where you are. 


    Import presets into Adobe Lightroom Classic

    1. Open Lightroom Classic and go to the Develop module.

    2. On the left panel, look for the Presets panel and click the small + icon next to it.

    3. Select Import from the dropdown menu.

    4. It will open a window for you to find the ZIP file.

    5. Simply find the ZIP file and select it and Lightroom Classic will import the presets.

    6. Once the import is complete, you should see all the preset folders in your Presets panel.

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